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LIVE with Passion . . .
After many years of talking, dreaming, hoping, and believing, in early 2008, Sue Thompson launched a journey to share her story with others in hopes to encourage them to take ownership of their life.  It has been a deeply rewarding path of growth—as Sue embraces her passion and purpose to inspire and empower others.

Sue has more than 40 years of experience in sales and marketing, primarily in the real estate industry. Her vibrant enthusiasm and sheer love of people have enabled her to establish camaraderie and empower others. From California and Texas to Louisiana and Florida, Sue has built and managed teams of real estate professionals in a variety of markets. Yet, she also knows what it takes to close sales and boost the bottom line.

While Sue certainly knows what it takes to succeed in business, she also enjoys a very wealthy family life. Her number one passion is being “Mom” to her two sons and daughters-in-law, Chip and Myssy and Brooks and Michelle, and “Mama
w” to her five Grand Girls ~ Ryan, Brooke, Peyton, Addison & Sidney.  

Sue has conquered many challenges but her greatest one of all was losing her son, Brooks, in 2016.

Sue's passion for life and powerful determination to make a difference
and to keep her faith and live each moment in celebration, creates an
energy that is very contagious!

What People Are Saying:

“PASSION! It is a word often used by speakers and trainers, but  Sue Thompson is the literal personification of the word. Faced with situations that might have devastated less passionate souls, Sue’s outlook inspires and influences everyone she meets. She leads by example and is always surrounded by a crowd of followers hoping to learn her secret of happiness. If you get the opportunity to learn from my friend Sue, do whatever is needed to clear your schedule and take advantage of her enthusiasm, her wisdom learned from survival and her unstoppable positive outlook on life. You will never be the same after you get to know Sue Thompson. She truly lives her life with PASSION!!!”    -Kathi F., Conroe,  Texas

“Passionate, tenacious, purposeful, dynamic, positive, dependable, cheerful, enthusiastic, warm, fun, unstoppable, tireless, energetic, determined…these are a few of my favorite words that describe Sue Thompson. What a winner!”  -Leslie M., Dallas,  Texas

“Sue's story is not about surviving, it is about LIVING! Sue honestly loves life and is passionate about getting the most out of it she can every day. Sue has an incredible story of overcoming an incurable disease in spite of the medical odds against her. Hearing her story about her unwavering faith in God and in life, will renew your hope and inspire you to be stronger and more determined to live YOUR life with passion!”   -Dianne N., Frisco, Texas 

“Sue is a highly skilled communicator with ease and dynamic composure. She weaves in humor and personal anecdotes that bring the abstract concepts she speaks about gently to you, yielding rich and effective inspiration. Sue is big league. The big leagues just don’t know it yet.”   -Mark S., Dallas,  Texas    


Sue’s Good Monday Morning messages are greatly appreciated and a superb way to get an early lift to the week. They always inspire magical moments and get me thinking in a new direction. I read them carefully and forward them to the appropriate people. I can't thank you enough.”   -Peter M., Vancouver, B.C.

“It’s not Monday without Sue’s words of encouragement to start my week! The morsels of wisdom are enjoyed by me and shared with others. When I run across someone that needs a boost, I forward them Sue’s message. I am so very appreciative.”   -John M., Toledo, Ohio 
























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